Beyonce in Sexy Blue Bikini - video

Beyonce barefoot in blue bikini
Beyonce barefoot on point twilling a colorful, delicate sarong in the air.

Against a background of flowing tropical trees and hot sand, Beyonce appears first in a sexy black bikini and then a very sexy blue bikini.

As the ocean waves dance in the background, Beyonce unfurls long feather lengths of blue and white material and creates a image of a butterfly dancing against the ocean backdrop.

She and her sexy backup dancers through sand skyward as she undulates both her hair and her hips to the sound of the music.

From sand to splashing her hair into the ocean and flinging the water and hair into the sky, Beyonce creates a sexy and inviting glimpse of Spring into Summer in this short video clip directed by Jonas Akerlund for H&M Summer Collection.

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Beyonce rear shot dancing with blue wings
Beyonce flings her her wings toward the sky.

Beyonce face covered in sand
Beyonce face covered with sand.

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Beyonce flings her wet hair
Beyonce flings her hair towards the sky as water drops fly from her hair.

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