Models Painted for First NYC Bodypainting Day

female model painted in green and blue body paint against rays from the sunset Credit: John Ahearn
Body painted model framed by the rays of the seting sun.

As far back as the early Egypt, makeup and body paint has played an important part in social live of the times.

In fact, Egyptian men probably used more makeup especially eye makeup than the woman.

Makeup as such an important part of Egyptian live that the slaves actually went on strike when their was a shortage of makeup, for not only was makeup an important adornment for the body it also protected it from the blazing rays of the sun.

In the 60s black light and luminous fluorescent body paint captures dancers imagination, as dancers took to the disco club floor.

While on the television, body painted performer Goldie Hawn appeared in flowered bikini and body paint proclaiming to the world to "Stock It To Me".

A few years ago, artist and body painter Andy Golub took to the streets of New York City to paint models outside of well know NYC attractions.

After several arrests, Andy Golub retained a lawyer and won his right to body paint model on New York City streets.

His victory spurred other body painters to approach him and together they created the first NYC Bodypainting Day.

The first NYC Bodypainting Day was on July 26, 2014 and presented the work of 30 artists from around the country that painted 40 fully nude models in Central Park just off Columbus Circle in New York City.

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body painters apply layers of black and white paint to the models <Credit: John Ahearn
Body Painting makeup artists begin transforming the models into living works of art.

body painter applies a blue stripe to models body makeup Credit: John Ahearn
Artists gently brushes a new blue layer to the other layers of blue and green.

artist applies body paint with brush to body painted model Credit: John Ahearn
Body Painting makeup artist applies final strokes to the body painted model look.

body painter applies brush strokes to body painted model Credit: John Ahearn
Painted with feathers and eyes with glowing orange hair, model receives final strokes of body paint.

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