Candice Swanepoel Sexy Bikini Styling

Candice Swanepoel bare foot in the surf in a pink tied bikini Brazilian bottom and black string top Credit: FameFlynet
It takes a lot of work to look this sexy in a bikini.

It takes a lot of hard work and a bit of styling to create those sexy bikini poses that grace the pages of Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog.

These sexy behind the scenes pictures reveal just how much hard work goes into the creation of those sexy bikini shots.

Even a super sexy bikini model like Candice Swanepoel requires the stylist attention to insure that her booty and the bikini material looks hot for the picture.

The stylist also insures that bikini top enhances Swanepoel sexy cleavage and you can observe in these hot, behind the scenes of Candice Swanepoel swimsuit bikini photo session..

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Model Candice Swanepoel has bikini bottom adjusted
Credit: FameFlynet
Bikini booty and bikini lines have to be just perfect before the cameras run.

Candice Swanepoel has bikini bottom inspected
Credit: FameFlynet
Yes, the bikini bottom is carefully inspected before the pictures are taken.

Bikini cleavage is adjusted to a perfect fit on Swanepoel
Credit: FameFlynet
Creating that perfect 10 bikini cleavage look.

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Model Candice Swanepoel received a last minute makeup touchup before starting her bikini picture shoot
Credit: FameFlynet
Just a little makeup touch up, and sexy model Candice Swanepoel is ready for her bikini close up.

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