Heidi Klum Sexy Lace High Heel Shoes

Heidi Klum's sexy nylon lace shoes with oversized tied black bows are real crowd stoppers.

Tied at the ankle, these lacy black shoes feature a high heel golden piercing at mid heel.

Yes, these shoes certainly reminder us of the sexy shoes worn by screen sires in the 30s and 40s.

This basic little black dress reminds us of old style Hollywood glitz.

Heidi Klum sexy little black prom dress Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide / Splash News
Heidi Klum sexy little black prom dress

Just got to love that plunging neckline and the ample Klum cleavage that fills out the top of the dress.

Those puffy, flowery black and blue pom poms give this outfit a 40s prom look.

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