Kim Kardashian Wedding Hairdo

Kim Kardashian burnette hair being blow dried Credit: INFphoto.com
Kim Kardashian having her hair styled and blow dried at hair salon

Kim Kardashian is at the salon getting her hair done in preparation for her sister Khloe wedding on Sunday, September 29.

The always experimenting Kim has gone through a number of hair styles this year, including a very short cut and dyeing her hair golden blond.

However, she has returned to her natural long, brunette hair coloring for the wedding.

Kim Kardashian seems to enjoy having her new wavy hairdo blow dried at the salon, as she prepares for her sister's Khloe Kardashian wedding.

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Kim Kardashian looks in the mirror at her new hair style Credit: INFphoto.com
Kim Kardashian looks at her new hair style in the mirror

Kim Kardashian with new, long hair style and uplifting bra Credit: INFphoto.com
With a new hairdo and cleavage enhancing bra, Kim Kardashian is ready for the wedding

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