Vanessa Hudgens Bare Feet and Toe Wiggling

After a busy schedule promoting her new movie The Frozen Ground in Italy, Vanessa Hudgens takes a break on a yacht to enjoy some peaceful meditation time.

After a period of quiet meditation, Hudgens decides to liven things up a bit with a bit of good old fashion toe wiggling.

In fact, she get everybody into the bare foot - toe wiggling mood.

It seems that Vanessa Hudgens just can't stop when it comes to wiggling her bare feet and toes in the wind.

With a bunch of giggles it seems that everybody on board begins wiggling their toes.

Wow, just look at that great big grin on Vanessa Hudgens face.

Maybe we should all try a bit of naked toe waving and wiggling.

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Vanessa Hudgens in deep meditation. Credit: FameFlynet
Vanessa Hudgens enjoy a quiete moment of meditation.

Vanessa Hudgens wiggling her toes.
Credit: FameFlynet
Vanessa Hudgens wiggling her toes and giggling out loud.

Vanessa Hudgens exercise bare feet. Credit: FameFlynet
Vanessa Hudgens gets everyone to wiggle their toes and legs.

Vanessa Hudgens enjoys wiggling her toes
Credit: FameFlynet
Seems that toe wiggling can really put a bright smile on Vanessa Hudgens face.

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